Luigia Zilli
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Luigia Zilli

Travel Consultant

I have always loved to travel and experience new places, their culture, and food. So many destinations to go and breathtaking views to see: we live on a beautiful planet! On top of my bucket list, I have a trip to Australia, to New Zealand and Argentina. I started to work as Travel Consultant because I want to take care of customers vacations as they were mine. I really enjoy talking to people and to be helpful in making their dreams come true.  I also know how much fun is to travel with the whole family or a group of friends or colleagues: I really like to organize group vacations, make sure everybody has a great time. Because of my experience and passion for the bicycle, I love to plan cycling vacations for clients who like adventures, also including culinary and wine tasting experiences, especially off the beaten path. We offer cycling vacations for all levels of cyclists. With tours ranging from slow and easy for beginners to the more challenging for the enthusiasts. For a more leisurely tour, and with the availability of e-bikes, touring by bike becomes a great choice for people requiring some assistance during a more challenging section of the ride or simply just to keep up with their faster friends

Why spend hours searching on the Internet? Let me help you simplify the process so you can spend time thinking about what you'll do on your vacation! Contact me! I'm just a phone call or email away, 7 days a week!

Zilli Travel: fulfilling your bucket list one trip at a time!

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